Boston University LCP-based iGEM Teams Host Kick-Off Event

The 2016 iGEM season has officially begun! This year, the Boston University LCP group is sponsoring two teams of undergraduate students to compete at the prestigious International Genetically Engineered Machine competition in October. 2016 marks the sixth consecutive competition year for BU’s Wet-lab iGEM team, which has consistently been awarded with the Gold Medal level of achievement. It will be the inaugural year for BU’s Hardware iGEM team, which will be competing in a special new Hardware track at the competition. Both teams recently met up at a kick-off event to learn more about the origins of Synthetic Biology, current challenges and new directions in the field, and how the iGEM competition fits in to the overall picture. The students are excited to work more closely with graduate mentors Divya Israni and Ryan Silva, under the supervision of Professors Doug Densmore, Wilson Wong and Mo Khalil this summer. Stay tuned for more information about their progress!

Front Row from the left: David Tran, Alexandra Nero, Priya Kapadia, Rebecca Wolf, Gavin Hiroe, Marisa Mendes

Back Row from the left: Will Benman, Alex Vahid, Anish Asthana, Shane Mccormack, Chengshi Zhang, Kestas Subacius, Jeffrey Marano, Kami Drezek

Photo by Dani Dinstman