iGEM Teams Visit Lab Central and Present Research

Boston University iGEM Wetlab and Hardware teams had the pleasure of visiting Lab Central on June 29th to tour its facilities and to present their research projects.

Lab Central is a private, nonprofit institution that acts as a shared lab facility, located in Kendall Square. It’s considered a launchpad for sprouting biotech companies. Once the companies that work there become large enough, they graduate to their own facilities and move out.

iGEM students visiting Lab Central.

One of iGEM’s sponsors, Phenomyx, facilitated this visit and gave the teams a tour of its facilities. Phenomyx also invited the teams to present their research project, including a list of deliverables they will have created by the end of the summer. After a brief question and answer session, the teams were able to meet with the president of Lab Central and discuss both their scientific and ethical goals for the summer going forward.

Lab Central is providing both the Wetlab and the Hardware teams funds to conduct their research.

MIT was also present and had the opportunity to share its research for this year’s iGEM competition.

Lab Central welcomed the teams back towards the end of summer so they could give another presentation closer to the iGEM Jamboree in October.