Wetlab Team Wins $2000 Grant and Silver Medal from GenScript

The Boston University iGEM Wetlab team won a silver medal and a $2000 grant from GenScript, a biotechnology company on July 25. After weeks of not hearing from the company, the Wetlab team received an email from GenScript saying the company thought the team’s advancement to the field of synthetic biology and its future applications were astounding.

The Wetlab team’s project is a foundational advance that aims to precisely engineer gene expression using CRISPR/dCas9-VPR to transactivate synthetic exogenous genes.

GenScript is a biotech company that provides researchers with services and products, such as gene synthesis and antibody and preclinical drug development service capabilities.

They are offering all 2016 iGEM teams 20 percent off gene synthesis and cloning services. In addition, they also offered to sponsor iGEM teams working to advance CRISPR/Cas9 applications with a grant. The team was ecstatic to here about this grant because their project aligns so closely with GenScript’s vision.

Jeffrey Marano was the primary grant writer, with edits by the team’s mentor, Divya Israni.