STEM Pathways Spring 2017 Dinner & Dialogue

On May 10th, STEM Pathways held their semi-annual Dinner & Dialogue in the Center for Integrated Life Science and Engineering (CILSE). This new building, which celebrated its ribbon cutting Thursday, June 1st, is now the home of STEM Pathways.

The goal of STEM Pathways’ Dinner & Dialogue is to bring together teachers and administrators from the Boston area with STEM outreach programs, universities, industries, and resources for impactful discussions and networking.

Last year’s Dinner & Dialogue in November 2016 was geared towards networking and sharing the mission and goals of STEM Pathways as the work is focused on underrepresented groups in the K12 and undergraduate community. This year’s Dinner & Dialogue invited conversation among attendees on how we as a community can aid and enable underrepresented students who wish to pursue a path in STEM.

STEM Pathways Coordinator Tiffany E. Grant King along with Boston University Associate Professor and STEM Pathways Lead PI Douglas Densmore welcomed all attendees to the semi-annual Dinner & Dialogue. Attendees were asked to organize themselves into small groups and share what STEM means to them and what programs and resources offer opportunities for today’s youth.

Tiffany then gave an update on how STEM Pathways has developed since November 2016 which included the program’s official launch, participation in various community engagements, execution of their first large scale educational outreach event called the Mini-Jamboree, and launch of a wet lab training pipeline for both high school and undergraduate students.

After hearing highlights and updates about STEM Pathways, the small groups were asked again to discuss STEM and the underrepresented student. Questions lead to conversation on one’s personal engagement in outreach programs, the positives and issues seen in outreach programs, the perceived efficiency of outreach programs, and ways to improve outreach programs.

Discussion groups shared one big idea, common needs and interests, and commitments going forward. Program and outreach representatives were also asked to share their alignments with the STEM Pathways’ mission.

To conclude the event, attendees were invited to tour one of the floors of CILSE that holds active, synthetic biology research labs affiliated with STEM Pathways. STEM Pathways wants to invite more to be a part of the conversation in the room. If you are interested in participating in the Fall 2017 Dinner & Dialogue, communicate your interest by connecting with us. Just click here to do so!