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STEM Pathways will inspire, mentor, and empower current and future generations of students, with a focus on underrepresented groups, to obtain academic and research experiences in the field of Synthetic Biology; pursue rewarding careers in Computer and Biomedical Engineering; and influence innovations and impacts in STEM, community education, and outreach.

What We Provide

STEM Pathways is committed to providing students with the utmost of state of the art research, mentorship and education in the growing field of Synthetic Biology

Hands On Research

Through an educational partnership with BioBuilder Educational Foundation, STEM Pathways helps aspiring high school level researchers establish basic wet lab skills at hands-on training workshops.

The Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences provides a state of the art home for cutting edge research on Boston Univeristy's campus. Research opportunities in Synthetic Biology are facilitated by STEM Pathways, BU's Biological Design Center, and partnering laboratories.

Educational Outreach

STEM Pathways offers a virtual three part introductory Synthetic Biology course aimed at high school students who are interested in learning more about this fast-growing field.

Discussion sections held after lectures provide high school students with the opportunity to expand on course topics and current research in the field with BU Undergraduate and Graduate students.


STEM Pathways provides students with a multitude of mentoring opportunities, both as mentees to Undergraduate and Graduate students, as well as mentors to younger high school audiences.


The Ecosystem


Want to Learn More?


I am a Student

As either a high school student or an undergraduate student at Boston University, STEM Pathways has a multitude of opportunities for you. Whether it be personalized research or the collaborative iGEM experience, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the STEM Pathways program!


I am a Parent

Looking to further immerse your student in the Life Sciences and Engineering? STEM Pathways has several resources at your disposal to help you get a better sense of the program and the numerous opportunities we have to offer.


I am a Sponsor

STEM Pathways always appreciates corporate sponsorships and donations in order to continually grow the program! Aid allows us to host more students, plan more events and increase outreach of Synthetic Biology education.

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