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STEM Pathways Upcoming Events

STEM Pathways has a host of events for the upcoming semester. Stay up to date with all of the latest events, workshops and lectures we have to offer!

Spring 2024 Biomedical Imaging Hackathon
April 27, 2024   ||    10 am - 4 pm

 At this event students will learn how to use the Python Programming language to edit and manipulate biomedical images. They will learn how scientist use imaging tools to classify tumors, identify and analyze cellular growth patterns, and how to write neural network models to predict images from a set of given input images. This event is free of cost, lunch will be provided, and students who do not have laptops can borrow STEM Pathways devices during the event if needed.


Sign up for the Hackathon at

Speeding Into STEM: Arduino Car Challenge
April 7, 2024   ||    11 am - 2 pm

Terrier Motorsport is BU’s Formula SAE racing team and we build our fully electric, open-wheeled race car from the ground up, competing at the Formula Hybrid + Electric competition in New Hampshire every year. As we approach the competition at the end of April, we thought it would be great to expose students interested in engineering to how a college club runs and the types of projects they might be working on. 

For this event, we will have students work in pairs on an adapted intro project that we give new members to complete. The adapted project will be assembling and coding a remote-controlled race car. At the event, students will race their completed cars on a small course. The winning pair will also receive a free Terrier Motorsport T-shirt. The event includes a lecture explaining what Terrier Motorsport is and how to do the adapted intro project, guided work time for the project, a Terrier Motorsport workspace tour, and a free lunch.

This is a great opportunity for students to be exposed to how engineering can be used outside of the classroom in college, as well as allow them to ask students in the club about their college experience at BU in a variety of different majors. There is no previous experience in coding needed for this, as we will have students at the event to help the high school students with the project. As this event is in collaboration with STEM Pathways, this will also connect each participant with the STEM Pathways network, which provides access to coding, biology, and engineering hands-on activities and events. 

BUTM Speeding Into STEM.png

Sign up for the Arduino Car Challenge at

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