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Our Partners

We are proud to say that STEM Pathways has a multitude of partners in industry to provide our students with the latest and greatest opportunities in the field of Synthetic Biology. Looking to become a STEM Pathways partner? Click [here]!

Department of Defense

DoDSTEM has expanded support for STEM education with $46 million in new funding through the National Defense Education Program. Sixteen educational organizations will bring engaging STEM learning activities to all ages from early childhood through the workforce. In addition to STEM education and outreach, programs were funded in enhanced civics education, per the National Defense Authorizations Act, and biotechnology outreach and workforce development. Boston University is one of the fortunate recipient of this DoDSTEM grant with an emphasis on Biotechnology Outreach and Workforce Development.

is a DSEC Partner (Defense Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Consortium). This network of partners includes academia, industry, non-profit organizations and local and federal governments. This collaborative partnership aims to broaden STEM literacy and develop a diverse and agile workforce with technical excellence to defend our nation. By addressing and prioritizing critical STEM challenges, the DoD is investing in evidence-based approaches to inspire and develop the Nation's science and technology workforce. 

DESC seeks to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. This multi-year effort includes elements focused on STEM enrichment programs for students and educators, STEM workforce engagement, program evaluation and public outreach.

BioBuilder Educational Foundation

The BioBuilder Educational Foundation offers the only comprehensive curriculum in the emerging field of Synthetic Biology, providng curricular materials, work-readiness programs for high school students, and teacher professional advancemed life sciences and Bioengineering. Established as a non-profit organization in 2011, BioBuilder draws on cutting-edge science from MIT's Department of Biological Engineering and co-develops its curriculum with secondary school teachers. The curriculum provides and openly accessible online textbook and hands-on experiments for teaching labs.

Boston University continues to run strong collaborations with the BioBuilder Foundation including but not limited to:

  • Hosting weekly workshop events for high school students

  • Hosting BioBuilder certified students in University level laboratories and projects

  • Providing graduate and undergraduate mentors for BioBuilder Club Teams

High School Partners

STEM Pathways collaborates with local high school in the greater Boston area to allow graduate, undergraduate, and high school students to engage in discussion about the world of Synthetic Biology. Through the collaborative effort and mentorship, STEM Pathways aims to help local students engage with the world of STEM. Below is list of our current partnerships with high school groups.

  • New Mission High School BioTech CTE Program

  • Upward Bound (BU)

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